Benefits to Members

For becoming a member in the CTIP, an international trade organization, you will have the opportunity to participate in exceptional seminars and training programs, gain exposure for your business at numerous networking events, and take advantage of the many business services the Council will provide.

As a Council, we are loyal to our members – referring newcomers and businesses to our members and doing business with the members only. We act as a referral service for our members and always give loyalty by referring to member businesses.

The benefits of becoming a member of this dynamic business organization are tangible and intangible, personal and professional. Below are some of the most important reasons of becoming a member.


Partnerships or Sponsorships

 Council members are given the opportunity to market their business through various sponsorship and advertising opportunities. We will also help overseas companies who will become members of CTIP to sell their products and services, or find for them strategic partners, in the US, especially in the State of New Jersey.


Business Referrals 

 Referring members of various international trade organizations and businesses to our members. And doing business with the members ourselves is very important to us as an international trade organization. We act as a referral service for our members, and we shall always give loyalty by referring our members’ businesses.


Return on Investment

The rewards realized based on a very minimal cost of annual membership is bigger than you think. Our referral service alone connects our members to several resources. This is actually one of the things our staff does best. We will make several connections or referrals each year.


Networking Opportunities

 As a member of CTIP, you will have endless opportunities to meet other members both here and abroad, in order to promote your business interests and develop long-term relationships. Listed below are some of our most popular events:
  • Business After Hours
  • Training Sessions and Seminars
  • Special Breakfast and Lunch Programs
  • Annual Dinner Meeting
  • Committee Meetings
  • Networking with Elected Officials
  • Exporting our Seminars, Workshops and Training; and
  • Other special events


Trade Missions

In cooperation with the US Department of Commerce and the US Trade Offices overseas, CTIP will hold Trade Missions abroad to promote the members’ products and services to the members of foreign trade organizations. In the same way that we will invite overseas members to come to New Jersey to meet their respective counterparts.


Trade & Investment Institute

As partners in today’s global economy, we all understand the need for on-going training. With that in mind, we offer the following, as part of our offer for a continuing education hosted by our Trade and Investment Institute:
  • Leadership Training
  • Trade and Investment Seminars
  • Export-Import – How to take your business across borders
  • Immigration Matters
  • And many more



Perhaps the most compelling reason to join CTIP is the benefit of tapping into the knowledge of your fellow members, both here and abroad, and the Council staff. Together, they serve as an extension of your own staff. With membership, you gain greater access to corporate CEO’s, community leaders and government officials.


Business Services

As a CTIP member, you will be able to take advantage of an array of services designed specifically for business owners:
  • Health Insurance for Small Business
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Access to Membership Database
  • Prescription Discount Program
  • And many others


Small Business Support

The Council’s membership is comprised of businesses in various sizes, small to large companies. The Council works to take care of the members through seminars, special programs, medical benefits and drug cards, workshops, and much more including a library that will soon be put up, filled with business resources that we will put up for the members.


Professional Development

We have affordable professional development programs for business professionals and their employees.


Government Affairs

Committee and staff follow local, state and federal legislation which affects business and our community. We will also hold meetings with local, state and federal representatives.



Life’s way too short to stand on the sidelines. Get involved and be part of the most exciting, effective organization in the State of New Jersey. Bring your experience and knowledge onboard to assist in strengthening our membership.


And there is more!

1.  Free subscription to CTIP’s newsletter which includes advertising opportunities;
2.  Listing in the Annual Directory;
3.  Listing on the CTIP’s website with a free link to your site;
4.  Resource Publications;
5.  Sponsorship Opportunities;
6.  Awards and Recognition Programs; and
7.   Business Resource Library.