Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

In-Kind Contributions


In-Kind contributions to CTIP  is very much welcome and are a “win-win” to both our organizations. If you have products, goods or services you want to promote, you can use CTIP as your vehicle to gain exposure in the United States and other countries where we have CTIP Chapters.

The “in-kind” contribution is a donation to CTIP either to pay for your membership fees or sponsor and participate in events hosted by CTIP. Recently, ALMA Bank participated in our First Webinar Event. The bank sponsored the “snacks” during the event, where they paid directly the restaurant that was hired as the event’s caterer. For that service provided by ALMA Bank, the amount paid directly to the Restaurant owner was applied to their membership fees.

Another example is the service provided by a Studio Company that provided the service to CTIP during the First Webinar Event. The company covered the event through video taping of the entire proceedings. It was very successful. Part of the event was featured in the “you tube”. For providing the service, their membership fee has been paid.


Goods and Services


You can donate in-kind or your services. During “events” we give out gifts via wraffle prizes to encourage our members and non members to watch the event either through their Computer if it is a Webinar Event or attending Conferences and Seminars in a designated venue.

Goods referred to in here are your products, air tickets, hotel accomodations, car rentals, gift cards offered by stores and supermarkets, etc., including office supplies for CTIP use and event sponsorships.


Foreign Members Planning to set-up operation in the United States


Recently, an equipment rental company in Tanzania, has decided to establish their presence here in New Jersey. CTIP assisted them by registering their company in the State of New Jersey. CTIP is also helping them to tap construction and mining equipment suppliers for their import requirements as they have signed contract with a US Construction Company to lease equipments for the US company’s project in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian company is now using their NJ Office as their procurement and administration office, as they bring their service to US Companies doing projects in Tanzania.

And many more.